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Select Bread Flour

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Select Bread Flour – Certified Organic, Stone Milled & Bolted

Available in 40 lb bags

This is the finest grind of stone milled flour we offer. It has the fine texture of commercial white bread flour commonly found on store shelves, but is off white in color since it retains a portion of the wheat germ from the wheat berry.

We feel our Select Bread Flour is the closest thing to the Holy Grail of bread flour. Use it in place of conventional white bread flour when you want a light, open crumb while retaining some of the nutrition found only in whole grain flour. Enjoy baguettes with a light open crumb and crispy crust along with a richer flavor profile and much higher nutritional value. Even croissants will be light and flaky in texture without being nutritionally flaky.

Our premium bread flour boasts a strong 14% protein level for excellent gluten development. We stone mill whole Hard Red Spring Wheat and then bolt it by passing it through a fine mesh cloth screen. Bolted flour (also know as high-extraction flour) removes much of the course bran while retaining some of the nutrient rich wheat germ.

About bolted flour: Bolted (or high-extraction) flour is whole grain flour with some percentage of the bran sifted out, which makes it a nice compromise between hearty 100% whole grain and all purpose white flour. It’s ideal for when you want a lighter loaf or dough yet wish to retain the high nutrition found in the germ of the wheat berry.

Course bran cuts the gluten strands in the dough which tends to result in a dense loaf. Our flour feels and performs like ordinary bread flour but is extraordinary in its performance, flavor and nutritional qualities.

Select Bread Flour is:

  • Unbleached

  • Unbromated

  • Unenriched (just naturally enriched!)

  • Stone Ground

  • Certified Organically Grown

  • Non-GMO

Note: If you need a pure white flour, our Organic Bread Flour is a better choice.


Also, since wheat germ is an oil, this flour will not keep for as long as typical commercially milled white flour. Do not purchase more than you expect to consume within a few months. We mill fresh within a couple days of shipping. We recommend keeping your flour in air tight packaging or container and storing in a cool place or preferably the refrigerator or freezer.