About Us

Traditional pizza is an art; it's the ritual of lighting a wood-fired oven, planting basil in the spring and tending tomato vines in the summer. It's the joy of making fresh mozzarella and kneading dough to perfection. It’s the delight of blending the best herbs, olive oils, textures, smells, and flavors together. It takes the right tools, a pinch of old world tradition, and modern science, to tame the blistering heat and elevate the lowly pizza from a grocery aisle after-thought into lifelong backyard memories.

Our outdoor and indoor pizza ovens deliver a family friendly experience, one that fuses Minnesota values with Italian artisanal pizza-making. Our ovens create more than delicious pizza. They open doorways to new friendships; nights spent in the backyard laughing while making memories with the ones you love. A new pizza oven is permission to invite the neighborhood into your home and throw the best block party of the season. Or, it could be the perfect excuse to share a quiet night in with your loved one and a glass of fine wine.

We believe that everyone deserves fresh pizza, and when you invest in a specialty pizza oven, you become the envy of your neighborhood. With an authentic pizza oven, you can take pizza creation to a whole new level; an opportunity to make new friends, learn something you didn’t know, and create new traditions with your family and friends.

That’s what we’re about.

Firewalker Ovens takes pride in not being a big box store. Our appetite for exceptional customer service is equally as insatiable as our love for pizza, and we view everyone who buys from us as an extension of our family. That’s the reason pizza ovens are the only thing we offer. We believe in selling what we know best— tools to make traditional artisanal pizza. We’re excited about pizza, and even more passionate about kicking-off the pizza revolution. It’s time to reclaim the humble pizza from gas stations and greasy take-outs.

Get back to basics, reconnect with the art of baking the perfect pizza pie, and reap the rewards of your hard work.