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Organic Sprouted Rye Berries

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Organic Sprouted Rye Berries – 40 lb bags 

About Sprouted Grains:

  • Enzymes created during the sprouting process convert dormant nutrients into an active form that can be used by the seed to foster growth. This conversion also makes these nutrients more digestible and bioavailable (more easily absorbed) by our bodies.
  • Sprouting changes the taste and flavor profile of grains and seeds. Enzymes created during germination convert complex starch into simple sugars making sprouted grains taste sweeter than unsprouted grains.
  • Sprouting sets off a series of chain reactions that alter the functionality of the seed. Sprouted cereal flours such as sprouted wheat flour boast improved loaf volume and enzymes created during the germination can help slow down the staling process.

Benefits of sprouted grains:

  • Improved loaf volume
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Increased vitamins and nutrients
  • Extended shelf life of milled grains

These are whole unmilled berries.

Whole rye is another grain that delivers a unique combination of rich, hearty taste and enormous health benefits.

Just 1/2 cup of whole rye flour provides 1/3 of the daily recommended fiber intake, making rye one the highest fiber sources of any food. Rye is also high in protein and provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, chrome, phosphorus, iodine, boron, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9.

Rye has been used in bread baking for centuries. While high in protein, it’s low in gluten so makes for a very dense loaf of bread if not combined with higher gluten flours. 100% rye bread, such as traditional pumpernickel, can often be tolerated by those with wheat sensitivities.

Our grain is grown by family-owned and operated farms — certified organic farms that are committed to ideals of sustainable stewardship of our natural resources for those of future generations.