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Organic Heirloom Red Fife Wheat Berries

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Organic Heirloom Red Fife Wheat Berries – 40 lb bags

These are whole unmilled organic Red Fife wheat berries. Performs similarly to and can be use in place of modern Hard Red Winter wheat.

Heirloom Red Fife wheat boasts exceptional flavor and baking properties while remaining un-altered by modern genetic modification.

Named after David Fife, the seed came from Scotland in 1842 and is believed to be a relative of Halychanka Wheat, a Ukrainian Heritage wheat.

Red Fife has been resurrected by a number of faithful organic heritage wheat farmers mostly in Canada. Red Fife seed is being actively preserved and protected as a Heritage/Heirloom variety. Although it is the foundation of many modern hybrid wheat varieties this wheat has itself not undergone the hybridization of modern wheats. It is thought that mass hybridization of modern wheat has changed the protein structure of wheat leading to the increased cases of gluten sensitivity we see today. Heritage/Heirloom/Ancient grains, such as Red Fife, Turkey Red, Einkorn, Emmer and others may be more easily digestible and tolerated by those with gluten sensitivities.

The taste of the Red Fife goods are more complex than common Hard Red Wheats and the breads bake up moister, with a cohesive crumb. Especially suited to bread it has a high gluten content that can be used by itself or mixed with low gluten flours (splet, rye etc) for excellent results.

Customer Reviews

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Debra Smith (Marquette, US)
Red fife wheat berries

I’m very happy with this really like the taste of this wheat

Art Vandernoot (Atlanta, US)
Just like they advertise

Quality grain

Vel N.
The Red Fife is by far our family’s favorite.

The Red Fife is by far our family’s favorite. Since getting a Kitchenaid Grain mill attachment last month I’ve ground and made pizza dough and waffles with the following organic grains: Hard red winter wheat, Turkey Red, and just tried Red Fife. Using the same recipe, it’s a great way to test out the differences in taste/texture, etc of the different grains. My spouse commented on how light and tasty the waffles were. The pizza dough was lighter in texture and easier to chew than the other 2 grains as well. Excited to try more recipes with this.

Bob M
I’m very happy with the red Fife wheat bread.

I usually use hard red wheat berries that I grind myself using the fidibus. The loaves I bake are always five parts flour 3 Parts water 2% salt, and two loaves take 500 grams whole grain flour and 500 grams of high gluten bread flour. I long ferment with sourdough starter and then the next day before shaping I add some instant yeast to control the final fermentation time. Today I baked the first loves using the red Fife berries. The resulting loaves are beautiful and the color is less of a burnished red and more golden then they’re red hard wheat I normally use. The flavor is quite different from the hard red wheat. The flavor is far less nutty flavored than that of hard red wheat. It’s quite mild comparatively. It’s very good and the texture is lovely. The dough was easy to work with and gave an excellent rise.

Red Fife was a real game changer for me

I love it so far! I just got my 35 lb. bucket of Red Fife this week. For the past six months I have been using the Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries, which were quite nice, but the Red Fife was a real game changer for me. The flour milled up so fine and beautiful. The flour coming out of my mill was completely different from the Hard Red Spring Wheat I have been using. I have a slow rise sourdough proofing now, and last night I made tortillias with the Red Fife. It rolled out so thin and had very little pull back – yet another difference from the Hard Red Spring Wheat.