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EarthStone Ovens

The Cafe-PAG – Gas Fired Pre-Assembled Oven

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The Cafe-PAG is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a heavy-duty gas burner system that is engineered for optimum performance and long term reliable operation. Its straightforward design and high quality components ensure that you'll be able to rely on it for years to come. Plus, the Cafe-PAG is also user friendly and easy to setup, making it the perfect choice for any kitchen, regardless of size and experience.

Order the CAFE-PAG now to equip your kitchen with a convenient and reliable oven!


Why choose the Cafe-PAG?

  • Large pizza baking capacityThe Cafe-PAG can hold up to (3 - 4) 8” pizzas and (2 - 3) 12” pizzas. Perfect for commercial use or premium home kitchens!
  • Optimum baking performanceWith its heavy-duty gas burner system and solenoid based burner control, the Cafe-PAG adjusts flame height and intensity to maintain the preset temperature. The result? Perfectly baked pizzas every single time!
  • Reliable and long-lastingThe Cafe-PAG is made of high quality components like a factory finished stainless steel top with black bottom, a cast aluminum door with Teflon handles, and a black granite shelf to ensure reliability and years of heavy use. 
  • Easy to use and operateThe ceramic fire logs mean you don’t need to replace them every time you bake a new batch of pizzas, and the digital temperature controller of the oven makes it simple and intuitive to use.
  • Custom options and finishes availableIf you want to make the Cafe-PAG completely your own, let us know and we’ll share the various options and finishes available!




Exterior Diameter: 48¼” x 44¼”
Height: 72″
Weight: 2,500 lbs.
Interior Diameter: 35″
Oven Entrance Opening: 20″W x 9½”H
Clearance to Combustible Sidewalls: 1″

Trim Options: 

Stainless steel and black enclosure with perforated panel

All black enclosure with copper trim and stainless storage box

All black enclosure with stainless trim and storage box

Pizza Capacities:

  • 8″ Pizzas: 3-4
  • 12″ Pizzas: 2-3

Gas Requirements:

  • ¾” gas outlet – 7″ W.C. (LP GAS 10″)


  • 90,000

Electrical Requirements:

  • 120 VAC/ 3 AMP

Ovens come standard with:

    • Factory finished stainless steel top with black bottom
    • Digital temperature controller
    • Gas burner system recessed in floor
    • Ceramic fire logs (over gas burner)
    • Cast aluminum door
    • Black granite shelf
    • S/S Hood cover
    • S/S Shelf apron
    • S/S Flue adapter
    • Stainless pizza peel
    • Black perforated grill (Optional three tier shelf available)
    • 5 year limited warranty

Custom options and finishes available


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