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Bolted Stone Ground Organic Soft White Wheat Flour

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Bolted Stone Ground Organic Soft White Wheat Flour – 40 lb bags

About bolted flour: Bolted (or high-extraction) flour is whole grain flour with some percentage of the bran sifted out, which makes it a nice compromise between hearty 100% whole grain and all purpose white flour. It’s ideal for when you want a lighter loaf or dough yet wish to retain the high nutrition found in the germ of the wheat berry.

Stone milled fresh on demand from the whole wheat berry – Breadtopia receives the whole wheat berries and stone mills the whole grain into flour as needed to fill customer orders. Our customers are assured of receiving freshly milled whole wheat flour every time.

White wheat has all the whole grain nutrition you’d expect without the somewhat bitter taste and darker color of common red whole wheat. White wheat is a great way to “sneak” more nutrition into your kids diet without sounding alarms. Its lighter color and milder flavor make whole white wheat more appealing to many people accustomed to the taste of refined flour. This is WHOLE wheat  – containing bran, germ and endosperm.

The grains we source are grown by family owned and operated farms committed to ideals of sustainable stewardship of our natural resources for those of future generations.


Since this flour contains wheat germ and wheat germ is an oil, this flour will not keep for as long as typical commercially milled white flour. Do not purchase more than you expect to consume within a few months. We recommend keeping your flour in air tight packaging or container and storing in a cool place or preferably the refrigerator or freezer.