Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas

We most often use our wood fired oven to make pizza- it's one of America's favorite foods. There is no question it tastes far better when cooked the old fashioned way in a traditional wood fire oven. The crust and cheese are absolute perfection.

But just like a conventional oven, you can cook or bake just about anything in your wood fire oven. This marvelous old school technology is not a one trick pony.

Many of our customers have become locally famous for the amazing quality of their homemade breads. Your great grandmother probably made her bread herself right there in the kitchen. Go back one more generation, and everyone used a wood fire oven of some type. With today's modern wood fire ovens, you can create amazing old fashioned breads, rolls, biscuits and calzones that will thrill everyone.

You may already be thinking: if wood fire ovens work great for bread, I'll bet they're also good for pies. Yes, they are! Buy a quality crust at the store or make your own from scratch. Add sugar and your favorite fruit or filling. Then bake in your wood fire oven. Any wood-fired pie you make will far surpass a pre-made or frozen supermarket pie. And frankly, our homemade pies are much more impressive than even the best restaurants.

Let's get even more basic and healthier than pizza and pies, think fresh vegetables. They taste great, are packed with nutrition, and are easy on your digestion. The biggest challenge is making vegetables interesting. Cooking them with fire creates delicious dishes that can't be duplicated. Fired veggies also make a great base for casseroles and hot dishes when started in a cast iron pan or Dutch oven.

Any time you fire up the oven kids are likely going to ask if they can make smores. Sure they can! After you finish baking your pizza, vegetables, or pie - bring out the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate for delicious smores. Start a new family dessert tradition that the kids will remember for years.

Last, but certainly not least are meats. If you're an athlete or living a Paleo lifestyle and trying to limit processed foods, then a wood-fired oven is an ideal solution. You can make fantastic steaks, pork, turkey, and proteins in your oven. Go ahead and line up all your favorites. Once your oven is hot, continue to add one favorite after another. Create a single dinner or an entire weeks worth of meal prep in one evening.

With a little imagination, just about anything is possible in a Firewalker Oven.