"00" Flour

"00" Flour

We are often asked what is the best flour for Neapolitan style pizza. If you've tried regular baking flour, it doesn't work out as well as you might like. The secret is to use a type of flour that is considered the very finest (size) in Italy.

We're talking about Tipo "00" (double zero) Flour. Internet sources may tell you this flour has a lower protein content. That is not true, and you can choose from several levels of protein intended for various baking projects. "00" refers specifically to the fine milling that makes this wheat the consistency of baby powder.

Tipo "00" is the finest grade of flour milled in Italy. The most common used for our purposes are Antimo Caputo/Napoli/Rinforzato brands. Flour sellers often repackage their goods, so there is a fair bit of confusion in the market, and the exact contents of these flours are closely guarded company secrets. The easiest "00" to find in the United States and probably in your area is the red bag "Chef's Four" or the blue bag "Pizzaria." Most Whole Foods will carry one, or either can be ordered from Amazon. Because of the market confusion bakers often will call the flour "red bag" or "blue bag."

Each bag will produce different results so a little experimentation may be required. Both will, however, yield a better crust with crackly layers of crispiness. You'll notice those open, airy holes that are found in the perfect dough. The crust is also just a bit chewy.

Now you've got one of the first secrets to making incredible traditional pizza. When you have quality "00" flour and a Firewalker Oven you've got just about everything you need to be the neighborhood's favorite pizza chef. Go for it! Make your best pizza and be sure to invite all your friends.