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Californo Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit Garzoni-350


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The Garzoni-350 is our largest residential pizza oven kit.

This kit is so well suited for serving larger parties that it also doubles as our entry-level commercial oven kit. Nicknamed “The Cafe Oven”, the Garzoni-350 is popular among our clients who have small coffee shops and mobile pizza oven trailers, as well as our clients who cater on a large scale in their own backyard – anything from wedding parties to barrio fiestas and quinceañeras. 

We make the assembly process easy! When you purchase this kit, the Garzoni-350 can be installed free-standing on a custom base, or integrated as part of the outdoor kitchen on our Tavola Medium Steel Base (sold separately) which can be assembled and ready for your oven cover in just under an hour!

Plus, you get more oven for your money! Compare the cooking surface area to the dome thickness and see for yourself! The Garzoni-350 has all of the superior qualities you have come to expect of Californo ovens. This oven boasts our signature “True Dome Shape” and is handcrafted using the finest raw materials.

The result is a cost effective yet durable oven that is long lasting and requires zero maintenance.

As with all our ovens, the Garzoni-350 comes with a 5-year warranty for the dome and a 1-year warranty on all other parts. 

The Garzoni-350 is a truly versatile wood-fired pizza oven; it can cook more than just the perfect artisan pizza! This oven can handle any dish that can be made with our smaller residential oven kits – and more! Create anything from casseroles to roasted meats with a rich smoky perfume, and even hearth breads! The Garzoni-350 can even roast large game, pig or lamb! 

There is no limit to what delicious foods you can make when you purchase this pizza oven kit. With the Garzoni-350, you are sure to impress!


Interior width Interior depth Exterior width Exterior depth Cooking surface area
35" 48" 41" 51" 1293 square inches


This item leaves our warehouse within 48 Hours. 
To east coast within 3-5 days
Central within 4-5 days
West coast within 5-9 days


What's In The Crate?:

  • 4 Oven dome pieces
  • Oven cooking surface made of our unique commercial grade refractory formula FDA approved - 2" thick
  • Metal door
  • Under cooking insulation blocks
  • Insulation blanket rolls to cover dome at 3" total thickness
  • Heat resistant mortar

Fast 45 minute heat up time and superior heat retention. 

We also offer this oven as a fully assembled and ready to use, please check the Assembled Garzoni 350 oven page for more details. 

Crate size: 47" x 47" x 32" total: 1,100 Lbs. (2 crates for this oven kit)

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