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Flatbread Pan - DK

Lloyd Pans Kitchenware

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Flatbread Pan

5 by 15 Inch Long Flatbread Pan

Perfect For Coca De Recapte

Coca de what? Coca de recapte is a traditional Mediterranean flatbread, topped with seasonal fruits, veggies, meats and/or cheeses. Spaniards claim that this flatbread was the inspiration for the Italian version we all know and love called pizza.

The beauty of coques is that, like pizza, there is an infinite number of delicious combinations you can use to top your coca. And you don’t have to go to Barcelona or Catolonia, where coca is traditionally made and consumed, to have fresh coca. Stay home and whip up a hot, fresh coca using our flatbread pan for a taste of the Mediterranean.

        LloydPans warrants all products against defects in material or workmanship from date of purchase for a period of 5 years. We will repair or replace defective products, but will not be responsible for any consequential damages including any claim of lost profits.

        Metal utensil safe means that metal whisks, spatulas and other non-sharp metal utensils may be used without damage. In fact, we recommend a metal spatula when using our fry pan and saute pans. Do not use sharp instruments or appliances such as electric mixers to cut or chop against the pan as this may damage the coating and will not be covered under this warranty. Immersion blenders can be used with bottom safety guards.

        Food sticking to the pan is not a covered by the Warranty. If through use and or abuse the coating fails to release after applying oil, you may return it for recoating service for a fee plus shipping and handling cost. Sign into your account and look on the left navigation for a Services link.

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