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Californo Aluminum Pizza Peel 14" with 59" Handle

Californo Aluminum Pizza Peel 14" with 59" Handle


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Easily slide pizzas into and out of your Californo pizza oven with this cool 14'' anodized aluminum pizza peel. Very light weight and yet so durable. The riveted joint reduces vibration being transferred to the handle, making using this peel more comfortable. On its head, each peel has neutral anodizing to protect its surface from oxidation. The rectangular head, milled at the front, provides a large surface area for ease of lifting the pizza, while ribbing in the middle and laterally creates rigidity when the peel is lifted ensuring it can hold even your heaviest pizza! 

Pizza peels aren't just limited to pizza; they can be used for almost any food cooked in your Californo brick oven. The metal head, thin edge, and smooth surface ensures that it's easy to lift food off a prep counter or out of an oven. This classic all aluminum peel has been designed to act as an extension of the users arm and is durable enough to stand up to continuous use! 

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