Bioreal Organic Yeast – Box of 40


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Bioreal Organic Active Dry Baker’s Yeast – Box of 40 (9 grams/pack)

Bioreal organic yeast is the only totally organic commercial baker’s yeast on the market. Bioreal provides the same reliable and excellent performance as conventional yeast yet it’s processed without chemicals and is non-GMO.

Organic yeast is better for you and the environment. Conventional yeast production uses harsh acids, bases (like lye, also known as sodium hydroxide), synthetic vitamins, ammonia and ammonium salts, and anti-foaming agents. With certified organic yeast production, all the raw materials used are 100% organic, benefiting the entire organic supply chain. Going with organic yeast is better for the planet and a healthier choice for the consumer.

Bioreal organic yeast is widely regarded as being superior in flavor to conventional yeast, bringing a heartier taste. We have found it to be very popular among bakers and pizza makers alike.

Use: Mix contents with flour (do not dissolve directly into liquid) and use as per any typical yeast recipe.

Storage: Once opened, place the pack of yeast into an air tight bag or container and store in a cool and dry place. The yeast has excellent keeping qualities with only around a 15% drop in yeast activity at 12 months. This yeast contains none of the preservatives you’d find in non-organic yeast, and is not suitable for freezing.

Best Use Date: The current inventory of Bioreal yeast has a best use date of Jan 31, 2020. The yeast viability declines gradually after that date. If you see the yeast on sale, it is to account for the approaching best use date. For maximum effectiveness, do not order more than you think you’ll go through by the best use date (or soon thereafter).

Note: Bioreal yeast is not as fast acting as typical commercial yeast. It performs more like a natural live sourdough starter. If your recipe calls for short bulk fermentation (approx. 2 – 4 hours), SAF yeast may be a better option.

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