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Bella Outdoor Living - Grande C36 with Cart

Bella Outdoor Living - Grande C36 with Cart - Firewalker Ovens
Bella Outdoor Living - Grande C36 with Cart - Firewalker Ovens
Bella Outdoor Living - Grande C36 with Cart - Firewalker Ovens

Bella Outdoor Living - Grande C36 with Cart

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The Bella Grande C36 is a very large pizza oven cart featuring ultra-premium construction and materials—perfect for larger families and parties. With a 36"W x 26"D cooking floor and 936 sq. in. cooking space, the Grande C36 is larger than most residential grills. It can bake 5 pizzas at a time, roast a large turkey, hold 8–10 roasting pans, or bake 20 loaves of bread.

Even with its large cooking capacity, the Grande C36 still heats up in about 15 minutes and is efficient with wood fuel. The oven’s high throughput — as many as 80 pizzas in one hour— is enough for large gatherings.

The oven can bake and roast better than a conventional oven, grill better than a charcoal or gas grill, and it has more capacity than most residential grills; it’s the one oven that can do it all.

The Grande C36 features all 304 stainless-steel, solid-weld construction for the oven dome, landing, door, chimney and the pizza oven cart, promising years of worry-free, rust-free operation. The Grande C36 cooking floor uses authentic firebrick baking stones with a higher cordierite content usually reserved for commercial oven applications to protect the floor from thermal shock and reduced “spalling.” The vent design on the Grande C36 is outside the cooking chamber so the oven retains heat longer and the food has a more pronounced wood fired flavor.

The Grande C36 cart features two handles and four wheels, two with locking casters, making it easy to move and position the oven. The Grande C36 is a great choice for entertaining large groups of family, friends, and neighbors.


15 Minutes

Quick and easy setup!  Assemble cart, place oven on cart, secure with bolts and attach chimney.

Oven with Chimney
45 1/2"W x 35 3/4"D x 86"H

Oven Chamber
36″W x 26″W x 1.5" thick cooking floor; room for five pizzas at a time
936 sq in cooking capacity

Oven Opening
24"W x 9 1/2"H
16″H oven dome height (from the cooking floor)

Shipping Weight

  •  6"W x 24″H chimney with spark arrestor and rain cap
  •  Flu Control
  •  304 stainless steel construction, including the oven dome, landing, door, chimney, entry arch and cart
  •  Powder coat enclosure
  •  100% ceramic insulation
  •  4 wheels, 2 with locking casters
  •  Built-in thermometer
  •  Use with or without cart and wheels

When cooking with a live fire, your Bella Outdoor Living oven cooks with reflected heat. With reflective heat, flame from a live fire is bounced off the dome onto your food. This reflective heat cooks food, such as pizza, and also recharges the cooking floor, putting heat back into the floor to replace heat that is lost through cooking. Because your Bella Outdoor Living oven breathes, drawing in cold air through the lower half of the oven opening and exhausting hot air out the top half of the opening, it is constantly moving hot, moist air across the top of your food. While modern convection ovens use fans and heat coils to move hot, dry air within the oven, nothing can compare with natural convection. Finally, heat stored in the cooking floor is transferred directly into food that is set on top of it. This is true for bread and pizza, which are set directly on the cooking floor, and for pots and pans set on it. It is this unique cooking ability that lets you make Italian pizza, hearth bread and great roasts in your Bella Outdoor Living oven, and what makes wood-fired cooking unlike any other type of cooking. The type of wood you burn will depend to a large extent on where you live. The species selection and predominance of medium-hard (such as poplar) or hardwoods (such as oak) vary from the North American west coast to the east coast, and from the south to the north. Avoid burning sappy, oily woods, such as red pine, and never burn laminated woods like plywood, pressure treated woods, or anything that has been painted, chemically treated or glued. The most important rule to follow is that everything you burn must be dry and seasoned. The best woods to burn in your Bella Outdoor Living oven are hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash, beech and birch, or fruit and nut trees, including apple, almond, cherry, pear and pecan. Fruit woods not only burn well, they are also fragrant. Hardwoods weigh almost three times as much as softwoods, like pines, fir, cedar and spruces, so they give off more heat (BTUs). Your wood should be dry and aged for six months to a year so that it will burn well, and produce the heat that your oven needs. If your wood is green, it will burn poorly, and produce a lot of smoke – which can soot up your entry arch.

Grande C36 Specs
Detailed Specs

Regular price $3,695.00 $3,495.00 Save $200.00

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